Redway Developments Ltd. has produced the E2 Flashings range of products to assist Builders and Designers to comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. The products are designed to be inexpensive, easy to install and readily available nationwide.

The uPVC used in their manufacture overcomes the corrosion problems usually associated with our harsh coastal salt zones and the effects of chemicals used to treat our framing timbers. To counter New Zealand's strong UV rays, we have stabilised the formulation of the uPVC compound to fulfill the requirements of the NZ Building Code.


While these products are designed to control such issues as moisture, air movement and vermin intrusion, their ultimate effectiveness depends on the installer using a common sense approach during installation.


While every care has been taken in detailing the drawings available to download from this site, designers, specifiers and installers must ensure the Products and the Details they have selected are suitable for each application.