A buildings ability to manage moisture (drainage & drying) will have a significant impact on its service life and need for on-going maintenance. For 19 years, Redway has been developing the E2 range of flashings to assist Architects and Builders control moisture, and to comply with the requirements of the NZBC E2/AS1. Manufactured from UV stabilised uPVC, the Redway flashings are effective, low cost, easy to install, Branz Appraised and readily available nationwide 


The new Redway 50mm Flanged Flatback Jointer is a multi-application uPVC strip that is used to provide protection against water and air penetration between the joint of two flat panel boards.

Sold in 2400mm lengths. SKU: RDFBJ50



  • Accelerate the drying speed of a cavity wall by creating a moving air path that increases air circulation and carries moisture up and out of the top of the cavity
  • Reduce the risk of mould formation and water deterioration
  • Use with either weatherboards or flat panel siding

The Redway E2 Flashings range is available nationwide at all good building suppliers