E2 Redway Flashings - The right way to stay weathertight.

We focus on innovative weathertight solutions for the building industry. With over 30 profiles, our products are aimed at lowering the cost of building and making better homes. We design and manufacture uPVC flashings that save time and money on the cost of building and minimise the risk of Leaky Homes occurring.

NEW: Top Vent Closer

The new E2 Flashings Top Vent is designed to close the top of the cavity yet promote airflow... 

Top Vent Cavity Closer

NEW: 33mm W/B Closer

We are pleased to announce we have now added a 33mm Weather Board Cavity Closer to our E2 Flashings range.

Weatherboard Closers>

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Our E2 Flashings range is available from all leading merchants.